Description:                                    Building up of capacity of Individual or Corporate Firm/ Organisation to effectively harness and integrate ICT Solution in different operation, process and execution.


Benefits/Expected Values:         (i) Better handling of personal Computer Systems and enhancement of career/business values for Individual in ICT-Dominated Environment

                                                                                (ii)Improved efficiency of Staff Members/Employees in IT-Workspace to achieve corporate goals

                                                            (iii)Influencing to a greater extent potentials and prospects of Staff Members/Employees, thereby adding more values to Investment Yields

                                                            (iv)Staff Motivation and Loyalty to the organization

                                                            (v)Reduction of Capital Cost incurred through the outsourcing of IT Professionals.


Key Components:                          A. Mind Development Section on need to build ICT Capacity

                                                            B. General Corporate IT Training

                                                            C. Special IT Training based on Company’s Business Model and Need Peculiarity

                                                            D. Mastering ICT Skills for Private Functions

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